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Dr. Stewart W. Bentley Jr. is a former US Army Major, a 1996 graduate of the Joint Military Intelligence College and earned his PhD in Organizational Management (Leadership) through Capella University in 2007. He resides in Lorton, Virginia with his wife, friend and partner, Patricia.


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This site presents various papers and articles I have written on a variety of military history-related topics. Where the papers have been published in the electronic media, I have simply added the links. For other material, I have included it by category.


I firmly believe that military history can teach us lessons about character, courage, humanity and sacrifice. It can also teach us how depraved and murderous mankind can be. Without a doubt, military operations, battles, skirmishes and wars have shaped, for good and for ill, world history. History is not a series of disparate lessons, dates and places; it is the story of people. Military history is a tapestry of man's interactions and conflicts, both in peace and in war. I would submit that you can as learn much from visiting battlefields as you can from reading books. But visiting those fields brings the stories to life. My hope is to illustrate the lessons that can be learned from studying our past in order that we can better inform ourselves for the future.


This site is dedicated to those servicemen and women who have died in defense of liberty, freedom and justice. It is particularly dedicated to the scores of World War Two, Vietnam and Desert Storm veterans I have interviewed over the years in the pursuit of their stories. I also memorialize Major Stephen Badger, a true friend and role model and Lt. Colonel Chad Buerhing, who died to free the oppressed.

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