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Ghost Towns


Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns are time capsules, offering us with glimpses and windows into our past. It is often difficult to imagine, but these were once thriving communities with their own cultures, stories and families.

Windows into history

These pages provide a look into the American past. Many of these ghost towns are simply ruins, foundations, and mere shadows of their former existence. Some existed for a few decades, others for only a few years. Many were established because of a simple reason, like the discovery of precious ores. Some were established in pursuit of larger dreams of economic prosperity. All of them remind us of our past and the sacrifices made by our ancestors.

Tips on visiting Ghost Towns

Many of these sites are accessible only with four wheel drive vehicles. Carry along the basic essentials such as water, a cell phone, good maps and common sense. Leave yourself plenty of time to hike in and out. Knowledge is power; ensure that you gather enough information on where you are going to make sure you dont get in over your head. Some locations are on private land. Even those that are on public land, such as those managed by the Bureau of Land Management, have strict rules about vehicles, camping and relic collecting.

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