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Knowledge is Power

The role of intelligence is to gather those key components of information the commander requires to make decisions. The intelligence business is part math, part analysis, and part educated guess.

The Unsung Heroes

Intelligence professionals, far from being the stereotyped and much maligned James Bond type or renegades doing what they want, are much more the librarian types. Most go to work anonymously every day either at the grey building on Bolling AFB, in a downtown office in Rosslyn or Crystal City, or in an office park out in Chantilly doing the business of intelligence. Analysts sift through mountains of information, searching for those nuggets of truth to provide answers for policy makers. In world with so much information and so many threats, it is difficult to focus on those critical questions that can mean life or death for our soldiers and citizens.


If you are looking for a place that bad mouths the profession, go elsewhere. My intent here is to share what I have written over the years as an intelligence officer and hope to dispel some of the myths and lies about what the intelligence community can do and will not do. It is also to celebrate the profession, much like Special Forces, of quiet professionals.

Egyptian Air Defense during the Yom Kippur War

The Egyptians learned many lessons from previous encounters with the Israeli Air Force prior to the Yom Kippur War. For intelligence analysts, this offers some vital insight into how an enemy can adapt its methods and employ new ones to overcome a technically superior foe.

OSS: The Melanie Mission

During Operation Market-Garden, the OSS deployed a small intelligence cell into Eindhoven to collect strategic intelligence on the German forces in the area. The mission, codenamed Melanie, is generally unknown outside the OSS community.

Debunking the Badgeman Theory

After visiting Dealy Plaza, and considering all of the options, it is apparent that the second shooter theory simply does not hold water.

The Truth is not out there

Despite what you may see on the X-files and the Sci Fi channel, the US government is not holding back information on aliens, monsters, et al. In truth, most conspiracies are designed to cover up incompetency rather than withhold new scientific knowledge from the world.

Intelligence During Market-Garden

The failure of Operation Market Garden (A Bridge Too Far) has often been attributed to the Allies not knowing that the 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions were in the area. The archival information disputes this assertion.




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